Friday, October 30, 2009


2morrow @ StumpLyfe TYLERBALL and I will play our 1st SOBER show under the pseudonym BROken <3s & hyMENs. It's basically a cacophony of everything relevant: cats sex violence puke video games cigarettes booze crushes shame. CHECK IT OUT.

Smut Zine 2.0 is NOW AVAILABLE. I think more people contributed to this issue and it's even IN COLOR!! I made a pretty picture in it and I bet you can guess which one it is when you pick it up at THE SHOW TOMORROW DUMMY.

On Monday I train for my volunteer position at Family Emergency Shelter, 7pm-7am. I start my service position at REBDAWGZ on Wednesday. I will also begin volunteering at the TIMBERLAND LIBRARY because I really enjoy being there a lot and I LIKE HAVING THINGS TO OCCUPY MY TIME. I am bulking up my resume so that I can get a fucking job that will pay me money.

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