Monday, December 7, 2009

I went to the rock show but my #1 crush wasn't there so I stood outside and ember to assed it, walked home to jerk off.

Did you know if you send soiled panties via USPS they are classified as BIOLOGICAL WASTE? 
I tried to sell used panties but they were flagged and removed from within 30 minutes.

Here are some of the replies I got in that 1/2hr:

Clifton McReynolds askes: "you can send a pic of your underware that you have forsale?" and  "just emailed asking for pic. how do you send your underware and do they still have any sent on them" "let's see what you have to offer" and "Ok, are you different than the same ad from Seattle? if so, let's see what you have"
Milkman5am says: "No not unlegal sale used panties with germs smell yucky."

Craigslist says:

flagged & removed: 1498090695 (general) Slightly Used Panties

Your posting has been flagged for removal.
Approximately 98% of postings removed are in violation of craigslist posting guidelines.
Please make sure you are abiding by all posted site rules, including our terms of use:
If you need help figuring out why your posting was flagged, try asking in our flag help forum: Include posting title, body, category, city, how often posted, any images, HTML markup, etc.
If your posting was wrongly flagged down (2% of flagged ads are) please accept our apologies and feel free to repost.
Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for your understanding.

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