Monday, April 5, 2010

Party Tricks Overheard

You will come to know yourself through my touch and the feeling will never leave you. I hate this hole. She feels impregnable. I can't find her. Is your name? Open your bitch mouth or I'll slap you. I want a conquest. I need a girl that reacts. And now she sits at home all day waiting for the phone to ring. I'd rather, something.  Some sort of desperate escape. What's a lot supposed to mean? Who believes in eternity these days. I'm not rotten. Just honest. Injustice is what matters. Pampering leaves a mark. I think you're beautiful. I'd like to sleep with you. Act like he doesn't exist. I can't imagine being this honest with someone I love. I'm so ashamed of myself. Have pity. Pain is the price. You're nuts because I love you. You make me sick you are so rotten. He can't suck your life out for the sake of his. Life under these conditions would be pure hell. You get attached. You can't choose how it's going to end. I love you so much. A lot or a little, we survive. (just jealous) I don't feel calm. You always wanted to use me. She left him for an alien. Some people don't know what shame is. I take care of myself. Things turned out better for you. When you're unhappy, you talk about it. You get off you treat me so bad. I do what I want when I'm drunk. He looks at you because he has eyes. Better poor than fat. There are limits. There's a lot I don't understand anymore. The situation. My feelings are irrelevant to this process. You get used to things. I don't want to get involved in things. People spread themselves too thin. That's how it is, people change their minds. I'm fatigued and then I felt your touch. I don't want to die. We're too quick to compromise. You're beautiful. I have a premonition of the end. I'm just waiting for the truth. We'll see. There's something between us. Who cares. She's a little peculiar. Good luck. I need you. You don't know. I guess I could like you. No one takes anything away from me. Of course we all do, we all hurt each other. Pain IS the price. Are you any deeper in love? Beautiful things never last. Now the pit opens wide. I don't want to live with another human being. It takes all kinds. There's something comical about life. You cannot escape it. Every day, some part of you turns to shit. Do I like the party?

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