Sunday, January 17, 2010

everything all at once

S is for a lot of things. give it up slut, your tomorrow. some nights are not worth sleeping. i climb out to smoke now you're gone. let me into your dome hole. got me feeling like the hole in a donut. why you gotta be talkin like that, god? you know i have a hunger not a pretty mouth. i taste like you in highskool. we're synonymous. that room is a symptom of my thirst. that room is The Reason. nothing real when the doors shut. this shit seems clean to me. these houses look like you. i'm the 1up. the little girl who was perpetually tired. can't motion unless i watch my feat. hears what i walk to. i ramble on. i don't seem to be anywhere. here is too safe to be good. words unfinished swear i won't be left behind. never yours, don't need (to) to believe you. want you to know (i want to know) the dirty details. wish you'd keep it clean enough to eat off of. i'm detached from this material. this would Bbetter if it were on time.doesn't matter.no1's home anyway. doesn't come from where i'd hope'd lead me back to bed. false ______ now breeds hope of latter day truth. true life: true lies. lost love's a better muse than a body. dead: i am calling you &my lover's depressed &my lover can't sleep &polaroid snapped his story into our lives &i love to imitate my lovers &love takes its pants off. slaughter the ugly things. throw em up & away. in love again with the girl who always blacks out. forget it, you couldn't believe the things i forgot. too busy getting dizzy. you waste more time sleeping than i do smoking. her she's not as cute as she thinks everyone thinks she is. you can't just put her down. stay low. better slow down. no one loves with a red face. my head hurts lately. it's hard to commit 2. IM figuring out what she meant. how to be a STupeRSTaR. 'you ain't that cute' i see the faces you've infected. is it working for you? (it might've worked if i were)like:she. she's like, really pretty. let 'em have him. here comes the weight. i digest your words and they come out pretty shitty. don't know my fucking head from my ass and i usually don't know what hole i'm shitting out of. it's all fucking fowl. holy tits this is boring. i have hated shit like this. still do. told me to not to tell you. i don't want to hear your told story. this video might kill me. like when you snack on something '2good2Btru' better puke because it must be poison. every rose has it's thorns. like the way you feel after only eating $16 of sugar shitz. like the consequence of converting zits into scabs. my diet is rotting my mouth. skin. gut. brain. brophie snackala be keepin it furry. the satisfaction of cleaning up carnage is the result of destruction as a demonstration of construction lacking production value. tendency toward melodramatic. i think about aesthetics. i hate everything except the props. i'm losing patience very very. tremors and jitters. i didn't do it wrong, i could've done it better. didn't give it enough slack and now shit's springing out of control. frustration's a theme. symbolism is a construct. there's nothing i can do with this that's not ever been done before. why won't you teach me how to be interesting. i don't know shit about it i enjoy it. butt EXPERIMENTAL=/= (!=;<>;/=) social movement.doesn't matter.what i'm trying to tell you is this is fun. and this guitar game is. what is the worth of secrets? what's the purpose of pseudoprofundity? what it is is frustration. what i'm trying to tell you is my ego is vast and unconquerable. it gets like.,;: 'wooah'. uttershitstream of an overconscientious squirrel. remember the first time you figured it out: shithitsthis thishitsshit hitsthisshit (the fan. faggot. burnout.) well, I wasn't sure at first if they be bein a chick or a dude but I knew gay away I wanted to fuck it. (wrote it a mistbronnection&;now i chick my emale once in a hot minute) let me take you home and bump your duna. these things cum too quesy. your skull is thinker than my skin. give me head or give you death. your tongue works harder than my heart. my my. she would be no thing without him inside of her. nothing. dick me, dick me so hard i can't scream: some girls scream sex; i can't even whimper. &i'mn't quiet. what's mine is mine. what's yours is mine for the taking.
titshard24give, me.

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