Thursday, January 7, 2010

I understand and I wish to continue

Who is she if you said that's what she said? It's hard to be she. It must be hard to be she. She has a filthy fucking mouth. She can learn your language and she can speak your game. But you don't know she's name and you don't know where she's been. What is she thinking? Has she ever been in love? Has she's heart been broken? This shit's hard, That's what she said. Is she really a slut or is she just a pervy nerd girl?  How much money's in she's bank account? What's she's 5 year plan? Does she think about us as often as we think about she? Do you mind if I smoke while you eat? That's what she said.
These are things this she thinks about sometimes. She knows this shit ain't esoteric. esBROteric, no bromo.

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