Tuesday, February 2, 2010

just in case 4 vd [VALENTINES MTVJ]

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I do not want Jonah Hill to write a film adaptation of 21 Jump Street.
I do not want ANYONE to remake Videodrome.
I have been indulging too deeply in corndog high school drama bullshits.
[21 Jump Street. My So-Called Life. Strangers with Candy. Daria. Degrassi.]
It's really starting to stress me out.
Not to mention the rumor that the age at which  you begin binge-drinking determines the age your emotional intelligence is stunted. (I feel that)
I think about snacks the same way 14 year old boys think about sex. I think about sex the way 14 year old boys think about playing for the Dallas Cowboys or hanging out with P.Diddy or touring with Animal Collective or jesus christ, like I'm even going to pretend to know what 14 year old boys think about. I've never been one, how the fuck would I know?
I'm sorry, I'm krankkky. No food or money or cigarettes or confidence or company or sleep because I don't know how to do it alone.

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