Tuesday, February 23, 2010

some things mean something

It is through the conceptual faculty that understanding frequently finds expression and thus is differentiated from the faculty of judgment and deduction of the faculty of formal reason. Understanding is in most part set in opposition to reason. But by 'understanding' is not meant the comprehension of a group of concepts all together, rather of certain specific concepts indicating that a concept must be specific in order to exist at all. If understanding in this sense is differentiated from the faculties of formal judgment and formal reason, then it is to be taken as the ability to comprehend individual, specific concepts. For in their formal sense, judgment and deduction or reason are only aspects of what is understood in that they appear as forms of abstract, conceptual analysis. A concept is not determined in a purely abstract manner. Understanding is to be differentiated from reason in the comprehension of concepts as a whole.

I'm not sure why we do these things but I know it means more than we openly admit.

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