Monday, February 22, 2010

People freak me out

"Why do you do the things you do?"
"See, when I look at myself I see everything in, like, slow motion and I think 'Something has to happen.' Only it never does, so I have to make it happen."

I posted these two ads in the personals on craigslist, hoping not to get responses but I did and these are some of them and they really bum me out and I think about sex things too much and we are oversexed as a culture that is degrading to EVERYONE and I am disgusted.

"Hi, saw your ad and hoping u're real 'cus i am definately real. I am a DD-free married gurl looking for revenge as i caught my husband cheating on me with his co-worker. I am so pissed, i know i am damn wild in bed so why not get him back? But yeah I've never done this before so of course i am just lil frightened. I put a special link on my photos so u could go there to verify u're a safe guy to be with. You can unlock my number on there so call me. We must be downlow about this, i don't want anyone knowing about us.

Your ad on craigs really intrigued me. It sounds you want the same thing as I do as far as a casual hook up goes. 28 yr old female, single and 420 friendly (no other drugs please) If this sounds good to you let me know

"How's it going, babe? I discovered your post on craigslist..
It was unique and it snagged my respect. Im as a matter of fact lookng for a understandable no strings attached partner, probably something solid..
Im as a matter of fact not set for a serious relationship, just getting settled with all that unfortunate stuff. why dont you speak with me on AIM. my screen name is jenny..... I look forward to chit chat with you...."

"I hope u find me attractive. I am getting anxious thinking about our date...if you do not want me then u'll be sorry. I am free anytime today or tomorrow. Call me soon so i'll know u're won't be disappointed!"

"sup 22 here good looking and want to keep this discreet... let me know... id like to suck your cock of make your toes curle."

"submissive white cock sucking fag in auburn seeks load to swallow
luv to eat ass too
looking for hot hung yung stud to turn me into his personal dick sucking, cum guzzling, cock slut
one time thing or ongoing
fuck my throat please SIR"

"1st fantasy, I desire a person to come to my house whilst I'm sleeping at night come into my house(door would be unlocked for you) and ravage me all the while i think that you are my spouse.
2nd I would like you be a construction worker at my house and i am getting shitty to you and after a bit you make your mind up that you have had enough of my back tlk and make a decision to get me in my place
Third I would like for you and your friend to be my possible employers at a new job i am applying for and you guys decide to discover how far i'll go in order to acquire the job.
4th I'd like to be your maid and your spouse has to travel out of town and you are as horny than ever at night even though Im in the shower you come in to rape me but discover soon after a few minutes that i quite enjoy it. Let me know"

"Hiya there, I have seen your craigslist classified. Anyways, my name is John and I'm wondering if you wanted to have intercourse with my wife. Basically I was injured about a year ago while working so I am not able to have great intercourse. I had an intimate relationship with Alysa... but can't anymore. She has needs and desires I just can't do anymore. Don't get me wrong, we still love each other, but I want her to be happy.
She is DD free, 24 and very intimate so you can see what my issue is. Hopefully you can assist us. We're looking for someone who can come to our place (or she can come to yours) and be intimate with her on a regular basis, no strings attached. Don't worry I won't be around so it won't be weird haha. Attached is a picture of her and I. This is real and serious, we saw your post and live nearby your area.
I'll explain more but I'm at work right now. Please ONLY if you are interested, mail me back with just a yes. Again, only if you are interested... I've had a lot of people accuse me of lying and don't want those not interested. If not, don't reply and I'll ask someone else. I appreciate it."

"If ya don't find a lady, lemme know...i'll suck your cock and swallow your load and lick your ass too. I blow a couple straight military buds of mine now and then and they tell me my throat feels hot and tight like a chick's wet pussy (and I swallow too). I'm a bi guy... just like to blow guys once in a while. If you could use a hot blow job... I'd give you head you'd never forget... you can lay back on the bed and watch a porn while I deep throatyour cock and take it ALL the way down my throat and then swallow your load.... or you can fuck my mouth as hard, and rough, and deep as you want to... like you wish the chicks would let you do....I am clean and VERY VERY discreet."

"Did you bust your nut yet?"

"Hey sweet buns, I like the sound of your entry but I need to be
straight that I am not looking for any sort of relationship. I've had
zero sexual entertainment for 2 months because of my job and I need
desperately some awesome orgasm-rousing entertainment. If you are fine
with this lets meet each other.
I've had difficulties with @ssholes at sites like C List in the past
so I need you to prove that you are over 18 first and that you're not
some crazy sex fiend lol :-)"

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